Outer soft non-woven fabric layer

Blocks particles and pollen.

Middle soft melt blown-fabric layer
Filters out dust, PM2.5, smog and germs.

Inner soft non-woven fabric layer
Absorbs exhalation and avoids
secondary pollution.


  • High-filtration efficiency with 3 layers
  • Easy to breath through. Moderate thickness for particle absorption.
  • High efficient in filtering out particles.


Step 1

Apply Oap's Patented Solution to Your Dental Appliance

Step 2

Lightly Scrub Your Dental Appliance With a Toothbrush for up to 60 Seconds

Step 3

Rinse Off

Step 4

Enjoy Your TRULY Clean Dental Appliance!

How often should I use OAP Cleaner?

We advise using our product at least once a day. Bacteria and nasties will build up on removable dental appliances pretty quickly, so for added hygiene and added appliance protection, clean as often as possible.

How many pumps of OAP do I need to per cleaning?

Usually 1-2 pumps per appliance will be enough to provide full coverage of the device. The key is to make sure all surfaces of the device get blanketed by our solution.

How does OAP compare to cleaning tablets?

Cleaning tablets have been around since 1942 and have provided the same dissatisfactory clean with the same lengthy soaking time. Besides for not being convenient and on the go, cleaning tablets only deal with ODOR causing bacteria, and the soaking action will warp thin plastic appliances over time, ruining expensive materials.

Why cant I use toothpaste to clean my appliance?

Toothpaste will not deal with bacteria and will cloud expensive appliances. Additionally, the consistency of toothpaste will scratch warp and cloud expensive appliances due to its brittle consistency.

My dentist tells me I can get your product for significantly cheaper if I order through him. What gives?

We are the #1 brand that doctors recommend and as such, we have over 1000 dental professionals nationwide suggesting and providing our product to patients. We give dental professionals significant discounts so they can spread the OAP revolution.

I have clear aligners for tooth movement to move my teeth. Will OAP Cleaner work?

YES! OAP Cleaner is the only product specifically designed to have a balanced ph level in order to effectively clean the expensive thin plastic your aligner is made out of. Our formula will have your appliance looking and feeling as clean as the day you got fitted.

I received my OAP order but there was a bottle leak in the package or an issue with my items. What now?

Email orders@oapcleaner.com and put either your order number or first and last name in the subject line. We will provide you with a free return label and replace your item free of charge!

I got a notification that my order shipped but I haven’t received it. What do I do?

Occasionally even the best of carrier companies loses packages. Email orders@oapcleaner.com and we will open a shipping claim with the carrier. In the meantime, we will ship you out a replacement so you don’t need to wait for the claim resolution between us and the carrier.

I heard great things about OAP but want to try it first. Do you do free samples?

Yes! Email us at orders@oapcleaner.com and we can provide you with a free sample.

I am a doctor or dental professional. Do you provide special perks to practices or doctors looking to get in line with OAP?

YES! Sign up via our doctor portal on our homepage and you will receive exclusive wholesale pricing, free samples, free marketing materials, msds sheets and much more!