4 Oz Oap Origem Gel Hand Sanitizer

4 Oz Oap Origem Gel Hand Sanitizer

$8.99 $12.99

COMPARE TO PURELL! Help your family and those you care for kill germs and viruses on their hands with Oap Cleaner's Origem Advanced Hand Sanitizer. 

  • Kills 99.99 percent of most common germs that may cause illness without damaging skin
  • FDA approved
  • Made in the USA!
  • Contains Ethyl Alcohol which sanitizes
  • 70% Alcohol deals with viruses on contact 
  • Outperforms other hand sanitizers ounce-for-ounce
  • Formulated with moisturizers and skin conditioners to keep hands soft

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Is Your hand sanitizer made in the US?

Yes! Our product is manufactured in an FDA registered and compliant facility in the US.

What is the active ingredient in your sanitizer?

Our active ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol which is the same active ingredient as Purell has

How long will it take to ship my order?

We are committed tom keeping our workers employed and therefore our products are shipping with only minimal delays. Products usually ship out within 2 business days.

Does your product kill germs and viruses?

Our product, just like other quality sanitizers such as Purell, is effective in killing germs and viruses

Can anyone order your sanitizer?

While we are prioritizing shipments to medical professionals at this time, we have enough inventory to open sales up to the general public.

What is the % of ethyl alcohol that is effective in killing viruses such as Covid-19?

While the World Health organization suggest a % of 62.5%, premium sanitizers such as ours are at or above 70% and thus vastly recommended for sanitization uses.