How an improved Lifestyle can Improve your Dental Health!

How an improved Lifestyle can Improve your Dental Health!

Healthy teeth and gums means a healthy body! If you're worried about your oral health, these simple lifestyle changes will make a big difference. You may not realize it, but your oral health can be a reflection of your overall health. Your mouth is home to many bacteria that if left unsupervised and untreated, can lead to other serious medical conditions. It is important to take care of your teeth and gums in order to maintain a healthy body.

1. Brush your teeth twice a day- Brushing one's teeth with a toothbrush before bed and after waking will ensure that the brushing process is thorough. Brushing your teeth in the morning will freshen breath and make it easier to avoid plaque buildup throughout the day. In the evening, brushing your teeth will eliminate bacteria buildup and leave your mouth fresh and clean.

2. Use disinfecting oral products- Regularly use disinfecting products on your oral appliances, such as OAP's Foamer, is a great way to eliminate lingering bad bacteria throughout the day, but it is also important to ensure that it is used frequently enough to be effective.

3. Get plenty of sleep- A good night's sleep will help your body and mouth feel rejuvenated and will allow you to tackle the day with a fresh outlook. For optimal oral health, it is recommended that you get around six hours of sleep nightly.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables- Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a great way to maintain good oral health because they are low in sugar, contain insoluble fibers (which scrub your teeth), have natural antibacterial properties, can be eaten raw or cooked, and have high water content.

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