Oap Cleaner was started by a team of dental hygienists in a top 100 Invisalign provider office in New York City. Due to the lack of acceptable options with which their patients could clean their expensive appliances, they formulated a comprehensive yet gentle cleaner that would have dental and orthodontic appliances LOOKING and FEELING brand new. Thus OAP Cleaner was born! No more ineffectual tablets with lengthy soaks or peroxide based cleaners that ruin expensive dental appliances. OAP CLEANER – THE CLEANER DENTAL PROFESSIONALS TRUST!

Chances are pretty good that if you wear Clear Aligners you are one of the millions of people who regularly use an orthodontic appliance to straighten or whiten teeth, for health purposes like sleep apnea or to prevent injury during sports competition, your mouth is teaming with harmful viruses and bacteria that can lead to serious illness.



OAP Cleaner is the first and only, all-inclusive cleaning solution that truly cleans, kills 99.99% of bacteria and is made with anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients. Using OAP ensures proper dental hygiene and health. OAP promotes regular orthodontic-appliance use, by ensuring pristine device sanitation and protection.


The mild pH and gentle cleaning agents in OAP Cleaner’s proprietary formula will ensure that your oral appliances will not suffer from the discoloration or abrasion commonly caused by most cleaning products and peroxide based cleaners.


OAP Cleaner is the perfect solution for clear plastic retainers and aligners. In addition, besides killing the REAL germs left behind by most other products, OAP Cleaner leaves your orthodontic appliances smelling fresh and clean.


Unlike most orthodontic and dental cleaning products, which require a fifteen-minute (or longer) procedure, OAP Cleaner does the job in just 60 seconds. You can kill all the germs, harmful bacteria, plaque, stains and odors that inhabit your orthodontic or dental appliance with an easy pump scrub rinse clean!