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Because harmful microbes can build up on dentures, just as they do on natural teeth, consistent cleaning of dentures is essential to the oral and general health of denture wearers

  • 60 Seconds or Less to Clean

  • Kills 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria NOT Just Odor Causing

  • Patented Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal Formula

  • Recommended by Thousands of Dental Hygienists

  • Specially Formulated for Every Removable Oral Appliance

PH Neutral to Ensure No Expensive Materials are Warped or Corroded

Safe to Use on Soft Relines

Common Issues for Individuals with Prosthesis (Dentures & Partials)

Issues with Current Denture Care

The Most Prevalent Issue Denture Wearers Struggle With Is Fungal Issues..Meaning Your Current Cleaner Could Not Even Be Helping

the ideal denture cleanser should be antibacterial and anti fungal, non-toxic, compatible with the denture material and should not alter or damage the surface of the denture...therefore OAP Cleaner was created!

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