Keep your child healthy by knowing how their musical instruments are cleaned and maintain their safety!

Bands are great for growing kids, as they provide a chance for children to branch out and do something creative that is also highly inclusive. Most band students are healthy and unlikely to be put at risk by being in band, but players can be at risk in situations that make them especially prone to infection, due to cleanliness. A common occurrence is when thousands of instrument players empty out the water in their instruments to prevent damage. If the liquid from a water key has a significant component of oral bacteria, then the possibility that an infectious disease outbreak can occur.

Guide on how to clean instruments properly:

  1. Start with soap and water, then apply with a soft cloth. It is highly important not to submerge woodwind instruments into water. Doing so will damage the corks and pads within these instruments, which will render them unworkable.
  2. Apply OAP Cleaner as a good sterilizing agent. Once used, the OAP Cleaning solution will penetrate and kill 99% of bacteria and fungal microbes leftover.
  3. Lastly it’s Very important to Swab your musical instrument after every use in order to eliminate condensation and moisture that buildup.

OAP Cleaner is PH Neutral to Ensure No Expensive Materials are ever Warped or Corroded! 

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