What’s Living in Your Toothbrush Holder?

Many people take preventive measures to make sure the daily products they use are clean. It's crucial to think of your toothbrush holder as an extension of your toothbrush, with a symbiotic relationship. If one is dirty, so will the other. Unfortunately, most people overlook one or the other. It is imperative to keep your toothbrush holder clean and dry. The most common contamination will occur by not cleaning your toothbrush bristles well enough. Just as your toothbrush will accumulate a lot of bacteria and debris, so does the holder. Besides cleaning the outside of your toothbrush holder, you should also take this opportunity to clean out any debris from inside of the brush holder. It is also important to keep your toothbrush in an open space. If you store it in a closed container, for example, then the brush will be placed in a closed, humid environment, which can encourage bacteria to grow. OAP Cleaning solution enables for a quick and effortless detailing, whereafter 99% of dangerous bacteria is killed. Keeping your toothbrush properly stored can keep you feeling healthy and confident.

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