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No Matter The Material

Investment Protection:

It is a known fact that the success of one’s orthodontic treatment depends on the regularity with which one wears their orthodontic appliance. Improper maintenance of an orthodontic appliance will typically result in re-orthodontic treatment. While proper tools to maintain these “investments” exist, most of the products currently available on the market, come accompanied by a plethora of drawbacks, including physical damage to the appliance(s). OAP Cleaner is the first and only, all-inclusive cleaning solution that truly sanitizes and kills 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful germs, ensuring proper dental hygiene and health; Ultimately, OAP Cleaner promotes regular orthodontic-appliance use, by ensuring pristine device sanitation and protection.

Health Benefits:

Aside from its unrivaled cost efficiency and superb performance, OAP Cleaner utilizes a carefully formulated, proprietary solution (BPA, Persulfate, and Chlorine Free), able to rid virtually all dental/orthodontic appliances of harmful disease-causing agents. OAP Cleaner’s unique formula provides for germicidal, bacterial, and fungal protection, in addition to anti-viral protection.

TRULY Clean:

The mild pH and gentle cleaning agents in OAP Cleaner’s proprietary formula will ensure that your oral appliances will not suffer from the discoloration or abrasion commonly caused by most currently-available oral-device cleaning products. OAP Cleaner is the perfect solution for clear plastic retainers and aligners! In addition, besides killing the bad-odor causing germs left behind by most other products, OAP Cleaner leaves your orthodontic appliances smelling fresh and clean.

Unlike most orthodontic and dental cleaning products, which require a fifteen-minute (or longer) procedure, with OAP Cleaner 60 seconds is all you need! You can kill all the germs, harmful bacteria, plaque, stains, and offensive odors that inhabit your orthodontic or dental appliance, without impacting your daily routine. OAP Cleaner allows the customer to quickly eliminate odor-causing bacteria, allowing the user to enjoy mint-fresh appliances and the confidence that comes along with them.